Challenges of the Modern Technical Translation and Maritime Education




Maritime Education, Special Terms, Multicultural, Translation, Training, Learning, Teaching


Thirst for innovation and novelties is an integral part of establishment and development of the modern society, providing sharing of experience via effective communication means.

Lightning-fast development of informational technologies of the XX century totally removed the existed boundaries and multicultural relations between the nations, informational exchange and share of consciousness is a common lifestyle of Euro Atlantic space.

Translation is a major mediator for correct perception of information. In line with the rise of the volume of information, amount of new words, word combinations and/or phrases especially in marine technical fields, is constantly increasing.

Thus, the aim of the presented paper is to detect peculiarities of maritime technical terminology with the purpose of its adequate translation provision and appropriate application within the frame of maritime education and training.




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Mikeladze, T., Rodinadze, S., & Bezhanovi, Z. (2021). Challenges of the Modern Technical Translation and Maritime Education. Georgian Maritime Scientific Journal, 1(1), 39–47.