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                                             Maritime Academy paper submission requirements


  • Sheet size: A4;
  • Font: Sylfaen
  • Margins (distance from the edges of the paper): from the left - 2.5 cm; From the right, top and bottom - 2 cm;


General structure of the paper

  • Abstract
  • Research paper
  • Conclusions, results of the research
  • References


Title page of the paper with an abstract


  • Title of the paper in Georgian and English: 14 pt, bold, straight, centered;

The title should be short and informative, should correspond to the results presented in the paper. Preferably, the title should not contain more than 10 words. It is not advisable to use your own names, trademarks or brand names in the title, as well as to use evaluative terminology (eg: accurate; important; good, etc.);


  • Author (s) of the paper: Name, surname: 11 pt, bold, straight, centered;

The last name and first name of the authors of the paper should be written in one line, one after the other and should be separated from each other by a comma, the first name of the presenter (responsible) author should be written first.

It is advisable to mention the name of the faculty and the educational program on the paper completed by the student. Also, write the last name of the scientific supervisor.


  • Contact details of the author (s): 10 pt, straight, centered;

The name of the author (s) affiliate institution, the address of the affiliate institution, the e-mail of the responsible author should be written;


  • Abstract text (in Georgian and English), not more than 200 words: 11 pt, straight;

The abstract is a summary of the paper (preferably in one paragraph), where the relevance, purpose and objectives of the paper, the method (s) used in the research and the main results will be clearly and succinctly stated.

It is not advisable to use citations in the abstract.


  • Keywords), 3-5 words 11 pt, straight;

Keywords should be written below the abstract and should express the main content of the paper. The keywords make it easier to find the paper on the web and thus help to improve the citation rate of the paper.


Main body of the Paper

  • Main text: in the middle of the paper, font: 12 pt, straight;
  • Distance between rows: 1 ½;
  • Paragraph: first line, 1.27 cm;
  • Distance between paragraphs: 6 pt;
  • Math Formulas: In the MS Equation 3.0 editor, centered, consistently numbered from the right side of the formula;
  • Drawings / Diagrams / Tables / Illustrations: TIFF format 300 dpi, title 10 pt, centered, numbered;
  • The paper should be submitted without page numbering.



References and citation rules


  • The list of sources used in the text (properly compiled) should be placed at the end of the paper and should be numbered in the order of use / citation in the text:
  • In case of a book: surname and initials of the author (s), name of the book, part / volume number, place of publication, year of publication, number of pages;
  • In case of a collection of scientific periodicals / conference papers: surname and initials (s) of the author (s) of the paper, title of the paper, name of the periodical / collection, part / volume number, place of publication, year of publication, start-end page number of the paper;
  • In case of a source obtained using the Internet: surname and initials (s) of the author (s) of the article / resource, title of the article, e-mail address of the website, date of last update;
  • Foreign sources must be indicated in the original language;
  • Using references in the conclusion of the paper is not desirable.


Citation rules:


Georgian Maritime Scientific Journal follows IEEE citation style.

  • In-text citation: When quoting in the text (when the quoted text is unchanged) the quoted text should be enclosed in quotation marks, and at the end of the citation the source number should be enclosed in parentheses (in square brackets) and the quoted text page from the list of used literature, for example: [6, pp.89-90].


  • A citation is made in a similar way when the text is presented in the form of a paraphrase (without changing the author's idea), but if the paraphrase completely covers the source text and it is not necessary to indicate the page, in this case it is enough to indicate only the source number in square brackets, for example [3];


  • Footnote: The author's notes and comments should be in footnote at the bottom of the page, numbered in Arabic numerals, font size 10 pt.


Above described paper submission requirements are based on the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) author guidelines.

Before submitting a paper, please see the paper submission template below.

Paper Submission Template