The Use of Wind Turbines in Ports and Sea Vessels




Power, Turbine, Shaft, Hub, Reactive Force


The technical result of the research of presented wind turbine is simplification and rise of the practical application of its main body – the rotor construction, which shall be achieved via transformation of wind shifting movement into rotating movement is implemented by rotor blades, which present bent or inclined shape plates and during rotation, these plates are not influenced with decelerating resistance of surrounding air.
The technical novelty of the turbine construction is presented with the following features: each profile blade of the rotor presents concave arc placed eccentrically towards its rotative axis, and the rotor may be equipped with one, two or more wings.




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Kurshubadze, T., & Bekirishvili, M. (2021). The Use of Wind Turbines in Ports and Sea Vessels. Georgian Maritime Scientific Journal, 1(1), 111–116.